System for Painless Optical Tennis Tracking (S.P.O.T.T.)

Members: Henok Atsbaha, Zachary Jones, David Wingfield

Advisor: Dr. Wook-Sung Yoo

Tennis ball machines are commonly used by tennis players to improve their skills and by coaches to train tennis players. One of the benefits of using the ball machines is to gather the data of a tennis player’s ability which requires manual entry of shot data into an electronic or paper record. The System for Painless Optical Tennis Tracking (S.P.O.T.T.) attempts to automate the collection of shot data during a training session using computer vision technology.

A project team of S.P.O.T.T. developed custom computer vision software to detect the court, the tennis balls struck by the player, and the bounce location of a player’s shots. S.P.O.T.T. provides valuable data such as the success/failure rate of returning the ball, how the players handle different shots, the weakness of the players, etc. Data collected are passed to the user using the Bluetooth communication protocol through several built-in commands. A hardware platform was designed to allow real-time video capture, processing, and communication. The project was successfully developed and delivered to the client (Strictly Business Computer Systems, Inc.) to be integrated with ball machines.