Careers in Classics

Careers in Classics

Marshall’s Department of Classical Studies offers two separate B.A. degrees (see our Degrees):

Humanities with an emphasis in Classics (College of Liberal Arts)

Latin (College of Liberal Arts and College of Education)

Degrees in Classics and Latin offer the same variety of career opportunities as other liberal arts degrees. Remember that a liberal arts education is just that, an education, which provides a broad base of knowledge and intellectual skills and makes people flexible and versatile in a constantly changing job environment. It is not training for a specific occupation. Education in Classical Studies provides unique benefits for students:

A solid basis for graduate training in law and medicine;

Preparation for occupations in and connected with Classical Archaeology which include field archaeology (involving additional skills in photography, drafting, or surveying), materials conservation (the preservation of antiquities that have been recovered), museum work (where interest and education in art history are valuable), and the travel and tourist industry (planning and conducting tours through classical countries like Italy, Greece, and Turkey);

A basis for work in various government positions where there has been a long tradition of people with a classical education, including occupations in the Foreign Service and the National Security Agency;

Preparation for occupations connected with education which include teaching in public and private schools as well as at the college and university levels.

For those students interested in becoming high school instructors or teachers at the college/university level, a full Latin major is advisable. Prospective high school instructors may enroll either in the College of Education and complete all certification requirements to become Latin teachers or in the College of Liberal Arts. Students considering becoming high school Latin teachers need to discuss these options with the Classics faculty. Prospective college/university teachers also need to complete the Latin major in the College of Liberal Arts as well as other course work in language and literature which will prepare them for graduate training in Classical Studies.