Degrees Offered

Marshall’s Department of Classical Studies offers three degrees in two colleges:

B.A. in Latin in the College of Liberal Arts, which requires 33 hours of Latin, 18 of which beyond Intermediate Latin, plus Roman Civilization (CL 436)–this degree prepares students for graduate work in Classical Studies or for graduate professional training in law or medicine;

B.A. in Latin in the College of Education, which also requires 33 hours of Latin, 18 of which beyond Intermediate Latin, plus a Roman course, including Roman Civilization (CL 436), Ancient Sexuality (CL 471), Rhetoric of Seduction (CL 472), Roman Law (CL 475), and The Body, Sex and Violence in Rome, — this degree prepares students for certification to teach Latin in the public schools; required courses in a second teaching field are highly recommended;

B.A. in Classics through the Humanities Degree Program in the College of Liberal Arts (The Departments of Classical Studies, Philosophy, and Religious Studies offer this interdisciplinary degree program jointly. Students complete a Classics concentration in addition to three team-taught interdisciplinary courses and one introductory course in each of the three contributing academic areas. The courses in the Classics concentration are determined by students often with the help of a committee of faculty advisors. See the Marshall Undergraduate Catalog.);


Note that Marshall University is the only institution in West Virginia to offer a bachelors degree in Classics or a bachelors degree in Latin.

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