Upcoming semesters

Upcoming semesters


Classical Studies Classes
Spring Semester


Classics in Class

CL 237:  Lit in the Time of Nero (CT/MC/WI)

CL/RST 250:  Studies in Humanities (CT/MC)  New Film Course!  Fulfills HUM Seminar Requirement

CL 473:  Body, Sex and Violence in Rome (MC/WI)


Classics on the Web

CL 231:  Women in Greek and Roman Lit (MC)

CL 232:  Greek and Roman Drama (CT/MC/WI)

CL 236:  Murder in the Ancient World (CT/MC/WI)

CL 319:  Classical Mythology (MC/WI)


Classical Languages

Lat 101:  First Year Latin

Lat 102:  First Year Latin

Lat 203:  Intermediate Latin

Lat 204:  Intermediate Latin

Lat 404:  Roman Elegy:  Propertius and Tibullus


Grk 202:  First Year Greek