Writing in Classics

Writing in Classics Classes

Faculty members in the Department of Classical Studies have been trained to provide intensive instruction in writing within the discipline of Classical Studies. With the exception of Classics 200, all Classics classes emphasize writing as a means of thinking critically and of communicating effectively. A great deal of the writing in these classes is informal, that is, ungraded by the instructor, but used as a way to begin thinking about important concepts dealing with the ancient Romans and Greeks. Other assignments emphasize the process of writing by using rough drafts as a means of refining both writing style and thinking. Faculty members strive to meet all students at their own levels of writing expertise through in-class editing exercises and conferencing with individuals out of class. Under Classics classes (abbreviated ‘CL’ in the schedule) in the University schedule of courses, look each semester for those Classics classes that are labeled ‘Writing-Intensive.’ If you complete one of these classes, you will fulfill the three-hour University writing-intensive course requirement.

If you want more information about this aspect of Marshall’s Classics program, please email us at classical-studies@marshall.edu.