Guidelines and Requirements

Obtaining Undergraduate Academic Credit

  • A student may earn up to a maximum of 6 hours of internship credit; a maximum of six (6) credit hours of internship can be earned in one semester, provided the student is working in a full-time, co-op experience and not enrolled as a full-time student.
  • Students generally register for three (3) credit hours per semester. A minimum of 200 hours of internship work equals three credit hours.
  • Internship credit may be earned during regular semesters or summer sessions.
  • If the intern works part-time during the summer sessions, he/she will register for and obtain credit during the session in which the internship is completed.
  • Students who register for a Management, Management Information Systems, or Marketing internship and are majoring in that field will receive credit toward a MGT elective, MIS elective, or MKT elective, respectively. Students can only apply credit toward one MGT, MIS, or MKT elective. Students who take an internship twice will have those hours applied toward free elective hours. It will not count toward an additional required elective. Students who complete an internship in Accounting, Economics, or Finance will receive credit toward free elective hours.
  • A grade of CR/NC will be assigned by the division head upon completion of internship requirements and evaluation from the employer.
  • An internship student will be required to submit a journal or report of his/her experience.

*For more detailed information, please read the  Lewis College of Business Undergraduate Internship Packet.

Undergraduate Divisional Requirements

Each undergraduate division requires the completion of the LCOB Internship packet. Any additional information and/or requirements for a specific program or division is discussed below:

Division of Accountancy and Legal Environment

Accounting: Additional requirements include a reflection essay and documentation of hours worked. Internships within accounting program must be paid.

Division of Finance and Economics

  • Internship agreement documentation; signed before enrollment into internship course
  • A memo at the end of the internship from the Supervisor, identifying (1) total hours worked, and (2) the extent to which the student fulfilled the Job Description.
  • A memo from the student, discussing how his/her educational experiences in the LCOB have been enhanced by the internship.

NOTE: Memos need to be delivered to division head, Dr. Harlan Smith, before Final Course Grades are due for the semester the student is doing the internship. They can be one page in length, or less. They can be email memos – and they typically are.

Division of Management

Division of Marketing and MIS

Graduate Internship Process