The Passing the Leadership Baton Series



The Lewis College of Business recently filmed its very first Passing the Leadership Baton Series video. This first inaugural filming was with students Duncan Waugaman and Isabelle Rogner interviewing Gary White, Interim President of Marshall University. Approximately 30 students, faculty, and other business leaders attended the filming. The video will be released after it has been professionally edited.

Passing the Leadership Baton Series is series of recorded interviews between the Hall of Fame (HOF) inductees and current Marshall students on various leadership topics. Since 1994, we have inducted Marshall alumni who are the best of the best of Marshall Sons and Daughters to celebrate their life-long success and contributions. We are extremely proud of their achievements and would like to have them share their experiences and stories with our currently students. Passing the Leadership Baton Series will be developed to nurture and strengthen this intergenerational relationship.

The entire project will be conducted by students. Students will define scope, set up roles and responsibilities, develop baseline, and communicate with stakeholders. They will also work on other execution issues such as inviting speakers, select interview topics, event locations, time, format, audience, publicity and others. Each interview session will be professionally recorded, edited and posted on our website. Eventually, we will have a full collection of these conversations covering various leadership topics. We will put these interviews online for those who cannot attend the events.

Both HOF inductees and students will benefit from the Passing the Leadership Baton Series, a wonderful opportunity to nurture and strengthen the intergenerational relationship.

  • Students can learn so much from the inductees who have such a rich experience in the real world and have been very successful. This type of face-to-face dialog is so valuable and important for our students’ growth, both professional and personal.
  • Students will be mentored by the inductees and broaden their networking opportunities.
  • Students will gain valuable experience through managing the entire project. The result of their project will be posted on the college website, which can be a part of e-portfolio supplementing their resumes.

The program will also benefit the inductees, who are really interested in sharing their success or failure stories with our students. They want to make sure that our students succeed. They want to contribute to Marshall Community. The Program will keep them shining rather than fading away, therefore, help them leave a long lasting legacy at Marshall University and in the community.