Sunshine Ambassador Program

The purpose of the agreement is to increase opportunities for matriculated ZJNU students to study at MU after their initial two years of study at ZJNU. Meeting admission standards of MU, the students will be admitted into the undergraduate degree program in MU Lewis College of Business (LCOB) to continue their study. Credits earned at ZJNU will be accepted by MU as the MU equivalent and used toward meeting MU graduation requirements. The graduates from the LCOB will earn bachelor degrees from MU. Qualified graduates can apply and be admitted into graduate programs in the LCOB. They will be able to earn a master degree after completing additional 36 graduate credit hours.

2017 Fall List of students enrolled in the program
序 号 姓 名 Name 性 别 Gender
1 王旭 Wang, Xu M
2 胡亦涵 Hu, Yihan F
3 娄琰钰 Lou,Yanyu M
4 陈姝雯 Chen, Shuwen F
5 熊志豪 Xiong, Zhihao M
6 王振宇 Wang, Zhenyu M
7 钟楚豪 Zhong, Chuhao M
8 翁晨珊 Weng, Chenshan F
9 何梦慧 He, Menghui F
10 钟雪丹 Zhong,Xuedan F
11 韩旻雨 Han, Minyu F
12 林泽泉 Lin, Zequan M
13 张洪铭 Zhang, Hongming M
14 孙慧名 Sun,Huiming F
15 陈泽民 Chen, Zemin M
16 李巽仿 Li, Xunfang M
17 杨凯伦 Yang,Kailun M
18 韩煦 Han,Xu F
19 王铭耀 Wang, Mingyao M