Transformative Sales and Service Excellence Center


Our Vision

Transform the Region by Preparing the Next Generation of Sales and Service Leaders.

Our Mission

By practicing the science of change and transformation, the Transformative Sales and Service Excellence Center (the Sales Center) aims to:

  • Prepare students for a career in sales and/or service through relevant curriculum, realistic role-play exercises, solving real-world challenges, training and certification programs, and networking with corporate partners.
  • Stimulate corporate growth through providing (1) corporate training on latest sales and service techniques and technology and (2) sponsorship opportunities to enhance corporate branding.
  • Promote thought leadership in the emerging area of organizational frontline research through producing practically relevant research output.


  • Career Preparation
  • Sales Training/ Certificate Programs
  • Sales Ambassador Program
  • Concentration/ Specialization in Sales
  • Sales Competitions


  • Co-branding/ Naming Opportunities
  • Sales Training
  • Sales Networking Events
  • Access to Student & Faculty
  • Speaking Opportunities

Contact Us

The Transformative Sales and Service Excellence Center (the Sales Center) is always looking for new ways to collaborate. The Sales Center’s focus is to bring value to our partners and our students. If there is anything sales or service related that we can help you with, please don’t hesitate to reach out –

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