TCOM Staff

Tammy Pearson headshot

Tammy Pearson, M.A., is the TCOM Director of the Marshall University Center of Excellence for Recovery, where she oversees multiple behavioral health initiatives related to Transformational Collaborative Outcomes Management (TCOM) and Wraparound in WV. She is a licensed clinical psychologist and worked with WV’s System of Care for over 18 years, serving both as an Evaluator and later Program Director. Through this project, she worked statewide with mental health providers, juvenile justice, and the Department of Health and Human Resources. She has served on many statewide committees that serve children in the state of WV. She continues to work with the state on data collection and reporting and other projects.  She also is the principal investigator of the Southwestern Regional Day Report Center Fresh Start Program-Bureau of Justice-Comprehensive Opioid Misuse Program, Principle investigator. This is a diversion program to keep individuals with substance use disorders from entering prison by providing therapy, education, and job training.




Linda Gibson - TCOM HeadshotLinda Gibson, M.S., is the Assistant Director for Transformational Collaborative Outcomes Management (TCOM) for Marshall University Research Corporation. She is a licensed social worker with a Master’s in social work. She is an Advanced TCOM Trainer and provides support to the Marshall University TCOM Advanced Trainers and Coaches. She has 25+ years’ experience working both directly and indirectly with children and families. She has worked with multiple children and family serving systems and programs, both statewide and nationally. She has co-written multiple state and federal reports, grant proposals; developed and co-developed training presentations, manuals and supportive materials and provided multiple training workshops. Linda supports the Senior Associate Director for the Center of Excellence for Recovery Director in collecting data, data analysis, evaluation, and reports related to West Virginia TCOM implementation. implementation.




Heather Sullivan - TCOM HeadshotHeather Sullivan, B.A., is the Advanced TCOM Trainer and Coach for Marshall Universities Center of Excellence for Recovery. Heather started her mental health journey in the United States Navy when she worked as a Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) advocate as well as an advocate for Navy Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention (NADAP). Heather received a B.A. in Psychology from South University and is a certified Nurturing Parenting/Substance Abuse & Treatment and Recovery Facilitator. She has used this education to provide supportive counseling, parenting training, case management, and behavior management to children and their families, as well as worked with high risk and parenting youth in intensive outpatient/inpatient programs. She currently trains Youth Service Workers from the Department of Health and Human Resources (DHHR) and Mental Health Service Providers across the state on using the FAST/CANS and Summary Planning Tools in their case plans. Heather has enjoyed working in the mental health field for several years and hopes to soon start working on a master’s degree in clinical psychology.




Lydia Shaw, M.S., is the TCOM & Wraparound Fidelity Coordinator for Marshall University’s Center of Excellence for Recovery. Lydia has a received a B.A. in psychology and a M.S. in human resource management from Marshall University and has used her skills learned throughout her education to help West Virginian children and families in a variety of positions for over 7 years. She has worked in school-based case management with elementary school students; as a manager of a residential program for adults who are working towards goals of independent living, a wraparound facilitator for at risk youth, and a workplace trainer for adults trying to learn workplace skills, reach their educational goals, and reenter the workforce. Lydia has moved most recently from her position as an advanced TCOM trainer and coach into her current position with Marshall University. In her current capacity, Lydia supports the TCOM Senior Associate Director with fidelity efforts involving the TCOM tools and Wraparound for the DHHR and Providers across the state through developing review tools, data collection, data analysis, evaluation, and developing reports.





Jessie Blankenship - TCOM HeadshotJessie Blankenship, M.S., is the Advanced TCOM Trainer and Coach at Marshall University. She is a Marshall University Alum, graduating with a Master of Liberal Arts in Psychology in 2018. Following the completion of her degree, Jessie became involved with West Virginia’s Bureau of Juvenile Services where she served as a Supervised Psychologist. In her position, Jessie gained experience working directly with youths involved in West Virginia’s Juvenile Justice System through Youth Reporting Centers, Juvenile Drug Courts, and Detention and Diagnostic facilities. In 2020, Jessie entered her position as the Region III TCOM Trainer at Marshall University where she provides certification training opportunities and technical assistance to various agencies in West Virginia.






Sharon Crump - TCOM Headshot

Sharon Crump, BSW, LSW, is the Advanced TCOM Trainer and Coach for the Marshall University Center of Excellence for Recovery. Sharon provides training and technical assistance on the usage of TCOM tools, primarily in Southeastern WV. Her immediate past position was as a Child Welfare Trainer for the WVDHHR for 13 years. Sharon has held a variety of positions throughout her career. She has been a Non-Profit Agency Director, Program Director, Grant Writer, and Community Organizer. She has worked with most populations ranging from Children and Families to the Aging and Disabled during her nearly 30 years as a Social Worker.