Advanced-Level Schedule

As shown in the COEPD Advanced Level Planning Chart, 12 of the 15 Advanced Programs have not conducted reliability and validity studies for their assessment instruments. Literacy-Reading Specialist, Reading Endorsement, Elementary Math Specialist, and School Psychology have evaluated either the reliability or validity of some of their assessment instruments. The plan moving forward is to start with the programs that have some evaluations in place, evaluate these and do a pilot study to strengthen these practices. Starting with clinical assessment instruments is beneficial since most of the Advanced Programs have a clinical component. The next step would be to share the process and mentor other programs systematically to evaluate the reliability and validity of their assessment instruments. The planned timeline can be found in abbreviated form in the Reliability and Validity Planning Chart and in more detail in the COEPD Advanced Level Planning Chart. Since so many assessments need to be evaluated, a 5-year plan is in place. As assessments are reviewed, feedback is given by the Steering Committee so improvements can be made. Faculty sharing will occur during Annual Assessment Meetings and during Faculty Training Meetings so faculty can learn from each other how reliability and validity are being established for various instruments. Individual mentoring will also be available for faculty needing additional assistance.

Reliability and Validity Planning Chart

COEPD Advanced Level Assessment Planning Chart