College of Education and Professional Development

About the College


The College of Education and Professional Development, accredited by NCATE since 1954, is the oldest academic unit within Marshall University, dating back to 1867. Thirty-two educational certifications are offered, including certifications in early childhood, elementary education, secondary education and administration.

The Master of Arts in Teaching provides students with degrees in other fields the opportunity to take professional education courses along with field experiences and graduate with teaching certification and a Master’s degree.

In addition to teacher education programs, service programs within the college include the Appalachian Studies Association, West Virginia Autism Training Center,  HEART Tutoring Program, June Harless Center for Rural Education Research and Development, Higher Education Learning Program (H.E.L.P.), MU Child Development Academy, MU Early Education Center, MU Computer Based Testing Center, and Professional Development Schools Partnership.

The College of Education and Professional Development provides an array of degree and professional development programs, continuing education opportunities and services that address needs of adult learners who are primarily fully employed students.

The college provides professional/technical expertise for the service area and is actively involved in addressing regional and state level educational, mental health and social issues.