CAEP / SPA Resource Page

The Marshall University College of Education and Professional Development is accredited through the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP). Institutions go through a rigorous process that includes on-site reviews by a team of experts in the field of education.  This page is designed to help understand this process and the high standards of our programs.

Understanding CAEP standards:

COEPD Professional Development Seminars on CAEP (Videos):

Seminar on the CAEP accreditation process (October 2016)

Seminar on creating CAEP acceptable scoring rubrics (December 2016)

Seminar on Selected Improvement Plans – PowerPoint only (January 2017)

Seminar on Diversity – PowerPoint only (February 2017)

Seminar on integrating technology – PowerPoint only (PDF version due to file size) (March 2017)

Seminar on improving assessments – PowerPoint only (PDF version due to file size)  (April 2017)

Seminar on technology cross-cutting theme – PowerPoint only (April 2018)


CAEP Newsletter – December 2016

CAEP Newsletter – March 2017

Useful Links:

CAEP Self-Study Report

Annual Reporting Measures

Accreditation Handbook – Resource guide on the accreditation process.

Evidence Guide – Framework of how provide evidence of meeting the standards.

CAEP Resource Page – Main resource site from the CAEP organization.  Offers information on both the overall CAEP accreditation as well as the SPA program level accreditation process.

CAEP Accreditation Cycle – The process for receiving accreditation.

Decision process – How the decision is made on accreditation.

Faculty SIP survey – Faculty survey of possible selected improvement plan (SIP) strategies. Completed March 2, 2017

SPA program list – List of programs that require national SPA certification.

CAEP Artifacts