After becoming a student in the College of Education you may be eligible for one or more of these scholarships. The scholarships below are awarded based upon the criteria specified.


Jeffrey Allen Duboff Sch.
George and Sandra White HELP Sch
Lyell & Pauline Dunfee Douthat
Mr. & Mrs. Charles B. Ford
Kevin Russell Bowen Memorial
Price Williams
William J. Bischoff
Ada L. Bias – Teacher Education
Miss H. Perk Daniels
Dr. Frank C. & Amine A. Hodges Mem
Virginia H. Keys Memorial
Dr. Richard Negangard Memorial
Sterling & Crystal Evans Memorial
William Eugene Watson
Mary James
Dr. Neil L. Gibbins
Susan Ruth Smith Bradberry
Fred Wilkerson Memorial – COE
Dallas & Novella Woodrum
Dorothy E Hicks Physical Education
E. Joann Price Memorial Scholarship
Jo Ashworth Memorial Scholarship
Colin A. Campbell Memorial Sch-COE
Sandra Lynn Barnett Memorial Schol
Margaret Pace Scholarship
Theodore “Ted” Hundley III Scholars
Jack L. Corron Memorial Scholarship
Wilbur E. Myers Memorial Scholar
John J. Subik Scholarship
Gene McKee Memorial Scholarship
Moxie W. Wright Scholarship
Margie A. Hinerman LEAP Sch.
William A Wallace Memorial Schol
Carole A. Vickers Scholarship
E. Anderson & H. Burke Sch (B)
Dr. Harold T. Murphy Mem Sch (B)
Margaret S. Brooks Scholarship
 J Clarke & P Cremeans COEHS Schol 
Charles C Byrd Scholarship Fund
Elinor Copenhaver Scholarship
Martilu Puthoff Scholarship
Anne M. Shuff Scholarship
Barbara Guyer Scholarship
Delahaye Family Scholarship
Maryellen Mees Wise Eiselstein Sch
Philip and Jean Modlin Scholarhip


The College of Education and Professional Development has scholarships that assist students with greater than average financial need. If you feel you are one of these students, meaning you could not graduate without financial assistance, please put your request in writing and email to You will be contacted by Financial Aid if you have been chosen to receive a Scholarship.