CAEP / SPA Resource Page

The Marshall University College of Education and Professional Development is accredited through the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP). Institutions go through a rigorous process that includes on-site reviews by a team of experts in the field of education.  This page is designed to help understand this process and the high standards of our programs.

Understanding CAEP standards:

Initial Licensure Programs Advanced Degree Programs
CAEP standards for initial licensure programs (2 pages) CAEP standards for advanced degree programs (2 pages)
Full guide to standards for initial level programs (56 pages) Full guide to standards for advanced level programs (4 pages)

COEPD Professional Development Seminars on CAEP (Videos):

Seminar on the CAEP accreditation process (October 2016)

Seminar on creating CAEP acceptable scoring rubrics (December 2016)

Seminar on Selected Improvement Plans – PowerPoint only (January 2017)

Seminar on Diversity – PowerPoint only (February 2017)

Seminar on integrating technology – PowerPoint only (PDF version due to file size) (March 2017)

Seminar on improving assessments – PowerPoint only (PDF version due to file size)  (April 2017)

Seminar on technology cross-cutting theme – PowerPoint only (April 2018)


CAEP Newsletter – December 2016

CAEP Newsletter – March 2017

Useful Links:

CAEP Self-Study Report

Annual Reporting Measures

Accreditation Handbook – Resource guide on the accreditation process.

Evidence Guide – Framework of how provide evidence of meeting the standards.

CAEP Resource Page – Main resource site from the CAEP organization.  Offers information on both the overall CAEP accreditation as well as the SPA program level accreditation process.

CAEP Accreditation Cycle – The process for receiving accreditation.

Decision process – How the decision is made on accreditation.

Faculty SIP survey – Faculty survey of possible selected improvement plan (SIP) strategies. Completed March 2, 2017

SPA program list – List of programs that require national SPA certification.

CAEP Artifacts