COLA Committees

Committee Members

Promotion & Tenure
Faculty Concerns
Faculty Senate
Conference Committee

Social Sciences
Michael Woods (2018)
Jess Morrissette (2018)
Maggie Stone (2019)

Kelli Prejean (2018)
Jill Underhill (2018-2nd Term) Secretary
Slav Gratchev (2019) Chair

At large member
Melissa Atkins (2019)

Social Science
Nick Freidin (2018) Chair
Shawn Schulenberg (2019)
April Fugett-Fuller (2018)

Christina Franzen (2018) Secretary
Rosario Quintana (2018)
Rachel Peckham (2019)

Dean’s Appointment
Stephen Cooper (2018)

Social Science
Brian Hoey (2018)
Damien Arthur (2018) Chair
Jonathan Day Brown (2019)

Tony Viola (2018)
Cristina Burgueno (2019)
Jeff Powell (HUM) (2019)

Dean’s Appointment
Kristi Fondren (2018) Secretary

Communication Studies: Barbara Tarter | Chair
English: Jana Tigchelaar
Graduate Humanities: Jeremy Barris
Geography: Kevin Law
History: Phil Rutherford
Modern Languages: Eric Migernier
Political Science: Shawn Schulenberg | Secretary
Psychology: Jonathan Day Brown
Sociology/Anthropology: Nick Freidin

Academic Planning: Jill Underhill (2018)
Athletic:  Kristi Fondren (2019-2nd Term)
Legislative Affairs: Marybeth Beller (2019-2nd Term)
Library: Michael Woods (2019)
University Functions: Zeli Rivas (2019)
Budget & Academic Policy: Caroline Perkins (2018-2nd Term)
Curriculum: Jana Tigchelaar (2020)
Faculty Development: Jennifer Tiano (2020-2nd Term)
Faculty Personnel: Dan Holbrook (2020-2nd Term)
Physical Facilities & Planning: Robert Ellison (2020)
Research: Steve Underhill (2020)
Student Conduct & Welfare: Brittany Canady (2020)

Communication Studies: Steven Underhill
English: Kristen Steele | Secretary
Graduate Humanities: Jeff Powell
Geography: Anita Walz
History: Michael Woods
Modern Languages: Zeli Rivas
Political Science: Damien Arthur
Psychology: Dawn Howerton
Sociology/Anthropology: Robin Riner | Chair

Committee Notes

Curriculum Committee Notes

Faculty Concerns Committee Notes

Promotion & Tenure Committee Notes

Research Committee Notes

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