COLA Committees

Committee Members

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Social Sciences
Phil Rutherford (2021)
Jess Morrissette (2021)
Jonathan Kozar (2021)

Jana Tigchelaar (2021)
Del Chrol (2021) Secretary
Slav Gratchev (2019)

At large member
Melissa Atkins (2019) Chair

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Social Science
Nick Freidin (2021) Chair
Shawn Schulenberg (2019)
Penny Koontz (2021)

Christina Franzen (2021)
Rachael Peckham (2019) Secretary
Stephen Underhill (2021)

Dean’s Appointment
Chris White (2021)

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Social Science
Robin Conley-Riner  (2021)
Jonathan Day-Brown (2019) Chair
Robert Deal (2021)

Robert Ellison (2021)
Cristina Burgueno (2019)
Jeff Powell  (2019)

Dean’s Appointment
George Davis (2021) Secretary

[/efstab] [efstab title=”Faculty Concerns“]
Communication Studies: Barbara Tarter | Chair
English: Kelli Prejean
Graduate Humanities: Jeremy Barris
Geography: Jonathan Kozar
History: Michael Woods
Modern Languages: Eric Migernier
Political Science: Marybeth Beller
Psychology: Pamela Mulder
Sociology/Anthropology: Nick Freidin

[/efstab] [efstab title=”Faculty Senate“]

Academic Planning: Jill Underhill (2019)
Athletics:  Kristi Fondren (2019-2nd Term)
Legislative Affairs: Robert Behrman (2022)
Library: Michael Woods (2019)
University Functions: Zeli Rivas (2019)
Budget & Academic Policy: Paige Muellerleile (2022)
Curriculum: Jana Tigchelaar (2020)
Faculty Development: Ryan Angus (2021)
Faculty Personnel: Jonathan Day-Brown (2022)
Physical Facilities & Planning: Robert Ellison (2020)
Research: Steve Underhill (2020)
Student Conduct & Welfare: Brittany Canady (2020)

[/efstab] [efstab title=”Conference Committee“]

Communication Studies: Steven Underhill
English: Roxanne Aftanas
Graduate Humanities: Christina Franzen
Geography: Anita Walz
History: Michael Woods
Modern Languages: Zeli Rivas (Chair)
Political Science: Damien Arthur
Psychology: Dawn Goel
Sociology/Anthropology: Robin Conley-Riner

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