Economics, B.A.

The Division of Finance and Economics, housed in the College of Business, offers College of Liberal Arts students the option to earn a B.A. in Economics. This option gives students an opportunity to develop their ability to analyze economic problems and issues (e.g., unemployment, inflation, economic growth and development, government taxation and spending policies, environmental degradation and protection, the distribution of income and wealth, international trading, and financial arrangements). Students will, in the process, deepen their understanding of the U.S. economy and other economies around the world.

Students who select this option must fulfill all COLA requirements for the B.A. degree and complete the following coursework:

ECN 250

ECN 253

ECN 326

ECN 328

ECN 423

ECN 466 (Capstone)

MTH 127 OR 130

MGT 218

9 additional hours in Economics to be chosen with the advice and approval of the Academic Adviser

Students, alternatively, may earn a Minor in Economics by completing 15 hours in Economics, with no more than 6 of those hours at the 200 level or lower. The B.A. option in Economics prepares students for several types of careers. For example, this option helps students prepare for:

1. Law School. Law schools place a high value on economics as an undergraduate major.

2. Graduate School. The B.A. in Economics is an excellent preparation for the M.B.A., as well as for further studies in Economics.

3. Administration or research positions in business firms, government agencies, labor organizations, or private foundations.

For further information, please contact Dr. Harlan Smith in the College of Business.