Services & Fees

The College Program uses a person-centered, positive behavior support approach to assist participating students in planning for their college experience, and carrying out efforts to meet their personal and academic goals. Personal goals are identified and strategies are developed based on the individual needs in the areas of: Social, Communication, Academic, Leisure and Personal Living.

The College Program supports students in learning skills that will help them earn a college degree, prepare for employment in their chosen field, and live a productive, independent, and quality life.

Program Summary and Overview

Services Provided

Person-centered Planning and Assessment

  • Facilitation of the collaborative Futures Planning meeting, and documentation of the outcomes from that event;
  • Technical assistance with Marshall University Registration and Residence Services, and some hands-on assistance during urgent or more serious situations;
  • Staff who serve as a liaison with faculty, administration and student organizations. 

Academic Support

  • Strategies designed to teach College Program students effective organizational skills, and monitoring for oversight;
  • Assistance with identifying reasonable accommodations, and supporting the student in obtaining needed accommodations;
  • Assistance with learning effective study skills through: Visual Strategies, Note taking, and Test preparation.

Social Skill/Communication Supports

  • Assistance and support for learning and using effective adaptive living skills;
  • Assistance navigating through the day-to-day needs of residence life;
  • Assistance and encouragement regarding an active involvement in community (both on campus and off campus communities), and the development of support strategies that will assist the student in being more independent in those environments.


Payment of Fees

The program fee for The College Program is $4,500 per semester. The summer program fee is $1,500 per session. Participation in Discovery Group Sessions is $500 per semester. Fees must be paid in full before the start of each semester. A Billing Statement, outlining the terms of the payment will be sent out to the responsible party.

Checks should be made payable to Marshall University, and mailed to:

Rebecca Hansen, Program Coordinator
The WV Autism Training Center
The College Program
Old Main Suite 316
One John Marshall Drive
Huntington, WV  25755

Scholarships provided by CPSASD are currently unavailable. One avenue of payment that may be considered is through the Division of Rehabilitation Services (DRS) (or “Vocational Rehabilitation,” as it is called in some states).

Please contact the Division of Rehabilitation Services in your home state, but if you are interested in speaking with a campus liaison, see the contact information below.

Randy Bridgette, MSW
Marshall University
113 Prichard Hall
Huntington, WV 25755

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