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AEP Foundation awards $50K grant to Huntington Scottish Rite Foundation in support of Department of Communication Disorders
April 12, 2021 · News
The American Electric Power (AEP) Foundation has awarded $50,000 to the Huntington Scottish Rite Foundation in support of Marshall University’s Department of Communication Disorders and its Speech and Hearing Center. Visit this link for more details.
Marshall CD Goes to ASHA! Day 2
December 4, 2019 · News
Second day in sunny Orlando, and second and last day at ASHA for the Marshall CD department! Without further ado, here are some of the highlights! Dr. Kelly Rutherford, together with second year Master’s students Erin Boone, Marina Saunders (left) and Cassidy Forth (center), presented a poster titled: “Practices for Aphasia in Appalachia: Exploring Implementation
Marshall CD Goes to ASHA! Day 1
December 4, 2019 · News
From November 21 to November 23 the Marshall Communication Department was in Orlando, Florida, at the 2019 ASHA Convention, taking in everything that is new in the field of speech-language pathology and audiology, mingling with fellow academics and clinicians from other institutions, and presenting the research projects the department has been up to in the