Additional opportunity to sign up to receive COVID-19 vaccinations through university

Marshall University health and safety officials have just been informed that the university may be receiving additional COVID-19 vaccine for employees—above the amount requested in January based on responses to the first three surveys.

This is a follow-up message to give employees who may have missed the other surveys or who have changed their minds about getting the vaccine another opportunity to sign up to receive a vaccination through the university.

If you did not respond to the first three surveys and want to receive a vaccination, please complete this survey no later than 10 a.m. Monday, March 8. To avoid duplication, if you completed any of the first three vaccine surveys, you should not complete this survey.

To see if you are already on the list to receive a vaccination, please click here. You should receive a message indicating whether or not you are on the list. (You will need to be signed into your account and be on the university network.)

Vaccines are being administered on campus according to the process announced in December, which includes considerations for age, health conditions, face-to-face contact with patients/the public and on-site work. Based on directions from the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission, employees who indicated they have been working on campus or providing face-to-face instruction are being given priority over those who reported they have been working primarily remotely. In addition, availability on the date of the clinic and the timeliness of response to the surveys have been taken into consideration in the prioritization.

All vaccinations are being administered on the Huntington campus. Employees who work in the South Charleston or Mid-Ohio Valley Center locations will need to travel to Huntington if they wish to receive vaccine.

The vaccinations are entirely voluntary. If you do not want to receive a vaccination at this time, you do not need to complete the survey.

All survey responses are confidential and will be used solely for the purposes of prioritizing and scheduling vaccinations.

We appreciate everyone’s understanding and cooperation. We will do our best to keep the university community informed.

Please address any questions to