Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) reflect Marshall University’s current policies and resources for addressing the COVID-19 pandemic. This page is designed to best answer questions that are applicable to the university community’s constituencies at large. It is important to note some individual situations will need to be addressed on a case-by-case basis.

General Preparedness Questions

What preparations has Marshall taken to handle COVID-19?
How is Marshall keeping its buildings clean during the pandemic?
How do I know the best practices for staying safe on campus?
Are visitors allowed on campus?
Are campus buildings open?
Is the Rec Center open?
How has COVID-19 affected the financial status of the university?
Due to the changes in instructional delivery in our region's K-12 schools, is telecommuting/working from home an option for employees who have young children?

General Health and Safety Questions

Is everyone required to wear a face mask?
Can I use my own mask or face covering?
What if I see an employee or student who is not wearing a mask inside?
Are there consequences for employees or students who refuse to wear a mask to comply with university guidelines?
What other personal safety practices should I use on campus?
Will there be surveillance testing of on-campus students this spring?
What if a student or employee believes he/she has been exposed to COVID-19?
What if an EMPLOYEE becomes ill with fever, cough or other concerning symptoms?
What if a STUDENT becomes ill with fever, cough or other concerning symptoms?
If an student living or attending class on campus tests positive for COVID-19, will he/she be sent home? What about a faculty or staff member?
What if I have a health condition that places me in a high-risk category for contracting COVID-19?
Do I have to check in daily and/or report my temperature?
As a faculty or staff member, will I be notified if a student or employee in my class or office has tested positive for COVID-19?

Academic Questions

Are classes being held online or in person this spring?
How do I know what delivery format each of my classes will use?
Is there reduced tuition for the spring if some of my classes are moved from Face-to-Face to another type of delivery?
Have any student fees been reduced for the spring 2021 semester?
What changes were made to the classrooms for Face-to-Face courses?
What if I’m still concerned about attending Face-to-Face classes?
What does the academic calendar look like this spring?

Housing and Dining Questions

Are residence halls open for students?
Can I have visitors in my residence hall room?
What actions have been taken in residence halls to ensure contamination does not occur, especially from roommates sharing the same living space?
Will I be able to stay in the residence halls if we have to switch to being fully Virtual or Online again?
What happens if one of my roommates is diagnosed with COVID-19?
Do I have an option to have a private room if I am concerned about being around people?
How is on-campus dining different, particularly in Harless Dining Hall?

Student Life Questions

Will changes related to COVID-19 have a major impact on my college experience?
How do extracurricular activities work on and off campus?
What resources are available for students with chronic mental health issues?
How are events and gatherings being handled?
Are student organizations allowed to set up recruitment and information tables?

Travel and Study Abroad

University-sponsored travel during spring 2021 will continue to be on hold for students, faculty and staff, unless deemed necessary by the president or vice presidents of the university, or amended based upon state and national safety and health guidance. Employees are no longer required to register personal domestic travel with the university.

International Travel

Students and employees traveling internationally must register their travel in advance using the online International Travel Registration Form.

Campus COVID-19 Signage

Download ready-made signs and customizable templates for you to print and post as needed.

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