Current Students

Thanks to you, the College of Science is growing every day. Our total enrollment has increased 7% since 2006, with freshman enrollment up 21%. Our success depends on you, and we are dedicated to helping you reach your academic goals. Here are some key resources to help you achieve success.

  • Academic Advising: COS has prepared 4-year curriculum sheets for each major in our college.  Pick up yours in the Student Services Office (S 213/214) or visit Degree Works. If you are a junior or a senior, be sure to schedule an appointment for a junior/senior evaluation in the  Dean’s Office.  You should also speak to your departmental advisor.  If you are a freshman or a sophomore, meet with the advisors in the Student Services Office each semester to plan your classes for the following term and to have your advising hold lifted.
  • Tutoring Services: Science and mathematics courses are vertical subjects and, if you fall behind, you should make every effort to get immediate assistance.  Contact University College Tutoring Office in the Smith Hall Communications Building, Room 211. It’s free!
  • Financial Assistance:  Thanks to federal funding programs, there is more financial assistance for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics) students than for students in most other majors.  Check with the Financial Aid Office for more information.
  • Student Organizations:  Associating with students with similar career goals can give you friendships, career advice, academic tips, and leadership experience.  Check out the Student Organizations and Activities tab on the COS Student Services Student Resources page for more information in your area of interest or visit the following COS student clubs.