Chemistry (MS; thesis or non-thesis)

This program is intended primarily for individuals interested in advanced training in chemistry and related disciplines in preparation for doctoral programs or for careers in industry, government, or post-secondary school education. Two routes to the degrees are available.

With Thesis (CHM 682): a minimum of thirty-two semester hours is required, of which no more than twelve may be in Chemistry 682 (Research). The candidate is required to present an acceptable thesis based upon original research. The candidate must also give a public lecture based upon the results of the thesis and give a satisfactory oral defense of the thesis before his committee. All full-time students and students receiving department stipends must elect this route.

With Problem Report (CHM 679): a minimum of thirty-six hours is required, of which none may be in CHM 682 and three must be in Chemistry 679 (Problem Report). This route will be open to students authorized by the department, generally part-time students who are unable to enroll in CHM 682.

No more than six hours of Special Topics may be counted in the minimum hours required by either route; any exceptions require specific Departmental approval.

Students whose research is in the area of organic chemistry are required to take these courses: 565, 566, 548 (or 549 if credit was previously received for 548 or its equivalent), 540 or 542, 522 or 526, and additional courses needed to complete the 32 or 36 credit hour minimum. Students whose research is in the area of analytical, inorganic, and physical chemistry are required to take at least one graduate course in each of the four major areas (analytical, inorganic, organic, and physical): specific course requirements are to be determined in consultation with one's research advisor.


After being admitted to the Graduate College, and prior to registration, the student will meet with his designated advisor to determine the specific program of studies necessary for the degree. Programs will be adjusted to reflect major interests and prior training of the student.

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