School of Biological & Environmental Sciences

Professor O'Keefe showing some of the fossils found in the fieldThe School of Biological and Environmental Sciences (SBES) is committed to teaching students about the science of life from molecular to population scales, and all of the myriad interactions between living and non-living parts of our world. The School includes the Department of Biological Sciences and the Department of Natural Resources and the Environment. These departments offer courses in cell, molecular and medical biology, ecology and evolutionary biology, biotechnology, environmental science, and natural resources and recreation management, among others.

Students in SBES are actively engaged in research with faculty mentors, and they frequently publish their work, and make presentations at national meetings. Programs in SBES have been designed to prepare students for careers in the life sciences, or to continue their education in graduate school, or through professional degrees in a variety of health care disciplines. Alumni of these programs have chosen diverse career paths and are now working as health professionals, teaching at all educational levels, serving as environmental researchers and regulators, conducting biomedical and pharmaceutical research, and operating bioscience and consulting businesses that help grow and diversify the West Virginia economy.