School of Physical Sciences

Physics student at microscopeThe School of Physical Sciences (SPS) includes the departments of Chemistry, Geology, and Physics. All three departments offer classes with expert faculty complemented by hands-on experience in the laboratory or field. Research opportunities for students of the Physical Sciences range in size from nanotechnology to cosmology, and in scope from the theoretical aspects of quantum mechanics to the applied discipline of oil and gas exploration. Class sizes and student to faculty ratios are small, providing some of the best educational experiences available anywhere.

A major in Chemistry provides students with preparation to work in the chemical industry, to go on to graduate education in chemistry, or to apply to professional schools in many health-related fields. Majors in Geology receive extensive field training and practical experience, which helps explain our exceptional placement rate (over 95%) of Geology graduates either entering graduate school or securing professional positions in their field of study. The Department of Physics provides basic foundations in the physical sciences for students of biology, chemistry and engineering, and offers advanced study and research experiences like the study of black holes, gravitational waves, and the generation and study of photons. Graduates in the Physical Sciences often undertake graduate study and are employed in all fields of the natural and health sciences.