Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response Plan and Resources

We are excited to be back on campus! Due to the continuing pandemic of COVID-19, we have adjusted the way we provide our services. No matter the modality of our services, we want ALL of our students to know WE ARE… HERE FOR YOU!


All students must wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) of some type such as a cloth mask, medical mask, or N95 mask.  Masks must be worn in the lobby, as well as during sessions. If you prefer your counselor to wear a clear face shield instead of a mask, please discuss this with your counselor. If you do not have a mask, you will be provided a mask by a staff member in the center.

See below for more information about our services this fall: 


Individual counseling services- The campus counseling center will continue to offer counseling, supportive counseling, and case-management services virtually. Due to the need to decrease the amount of students in the center, it is necessary for appointments to continue via Zoom Meeting and phone. To schedule an appointment M-F, 8:00-5:00, please contact us at 304-696-3111 or e-mail You can also schedule an appt. by completing a referral form on our website:

Please note: ALL sessions will be virtual unless your counselor feels the need for you to have in-person sessions. This will be decided on a case-by-case basis and will be for severe concerns only.


Walk-in appointments

Walk-in appointments can now be scheduled online! There will be no drop-in, walk-in appointments  These appointments will need to be scheduled online first. You will be able to choose between a variety of appointment times on our website. Please visit to schedule a walk-in appointment online. You will NOT be provided a walk-in appointment without scheduling online first.

The following walk-in appointment times will be available:

Monday, Thursday, and Friday- 1:00-4:00

Tuesday and Wednesday- 10:00-4:00

 Appointments with the Counselor in Residence can be scheduled online as well at the following link: see the following website for the Counselor in Residence walk-in times:


Couples and family counseling-  Couples and family counseling sessions are provided on an as needed basis determined by the counselor and/or center director. All couples and family counseling sessions will be provided virtually.

Crisis services- The campus counseling center provides 24/7 crisis services for students on campus. If a student is in an emergency, please contact MUPD at 304-696-HELP (4357). Crisis services will be conducted in-person and over the phone. If a student presents with self-harm to themselves and/or others, the counselor may need to provide information and assistance for the student to have a psychiatric assessment at a local hospital (St. Mary’s Hospital and River Park Hospital). If you need to reach the on-call counselor, please contact MUPD or the on-call phone number at 304-972-1274.


Psychiatric services– All psychiatric and med management appointments with the Psychiatrist and center Nurse Practitioner will be provided via telehealth (virtual appointments).  Psychiatric services are provided by Marshall Psychiatry located at 1115 20th St. #205 Huntington, WV 25701, 304-691-1500.

Marshall University Counseling Center Psychiatrist- Dr. Kristina Bryant-Melvin

Marshall University Counseling Center Nurse Practitioner-Dr. Bobbie Taylor, DNP, FNP-BC


Training and outreach services- The campus counseling center will continue to offer mental health outreach activities, as well as training. Outreach and training will be conducted via Zoom Meeting. Activities are posted on the counseling center website, on MyMU and Herd Link.


All services and outreach are planned as such to consider the safety of counseling center staff and students. The counseling center COVID-19 services and plan is contingent upon the COVID-19 safety guidelines of the CDC, Cabell County Health Department, and the plan and guidelines set forth by Marshall University administration and the Marshall University COVID-19 Safety Committee.



If you test positive for Coronavirus (COVID-19) or someone you have come in close contact with has tested positive, Counseling Center Staff will be required to break confidentiality and we will report this to the Huntington Health Department and the Marshall University Coronavirus Task Force. No personal information discussed in counseling will be shared; only the COVID-19 positive diagnosis.


Legal/Ethical Issues: State of West Virginia


The Marshall University Counseling Center adheres to all ethical guidelines set forth by the American Counseling Association, National Association of Social Workers, as well as the West Virginia Board of Examiners in Counseling and the West Virginia Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers.  All include sections and discussion about Telemental/Distance Counseling in their Code of Ethics. You may them at the following websites:

American Counseling Association:

National Association of Social Workers:


If you have any COVID-19 related questions, please contact

Please visit the following links for resource information regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19):


Need someone to talk to?

If you are feeling alone, stressed, or just need someone to speak with during this time, you can also contact one of the following numbers for a listening ear by a trained person who can provide support.

West Virginia
304-679-8183 (available 24/7)
HELP4WV- 844-435-7498 (call or text)

800-888-6161 (M-F 9:00 a.m. -10:00 p.m.)
513-931-9276 (available 24/7)



WellTrack is an awesome tool that can help with stress management, anxiety, depression, homesickness, tools to cope with stress surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, and other concerns. Check it out! Information on how to download and get started is below:


ULifeline is an online anonymous, confidential online resource center specifically for college and university students. Students can find a plethora of information regarding mental health and emotional well-being. To access the anonymous and confidential self-assessment please visit the following site:

To schedule an appointment M-F, 8:00-5:00, please contact us at 304-696-3111 or e-mail You can also schedule an appt. by completing a referral form on our website:

If this is an emergency, please contact 911 or MUPD immediately

304-696-HELP (4357). You can also reach the on-call counselor at 304-972-1274.

To contact a counselor after hours (after 5:00 p.m. or weekends) contact the following number: 304-972-1274.

For updates from the Counseling Center concerning our services and available resources during COVID-19, please visit the following link for information: