Instructional Design Center About Us

The Instructional Design Center is a faculty-dedicated space that allows you to work one-one-one with experienced instructional designers to design, develop, and deploy your e-courses. Blackboard is not just for fully online courses; every course at Marshall has a designated Blackboard section so you can supplement your face-to-face courses as well. We are happy to schedule an appointment with you.

Some of the services we provide

  • Blackboard assistance with new course development, utilization of Blackboard tools, and using the system to meet your course needs
  • Department, small group, or individual Blackboard Help sessions
  • Educational technology assistance
  • Curriculum development
  • Online assessments, varied assessment, outcomes
  • Teams training and user-level support (we do not have Teams admin access)

Contact the Designers

Email the Instructional Design Center anytime or contact a specific designer using our Individual Contact Information.

Instructional Design Centers – all services and meetings are virtual. You can also join our Distance Education Support Community Team!

How do I…

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