HyFlex at Marshall

The HyFlex course model is a student-centered method of teaching that combines multiple delivery modes for a single class. HyFlex teaching is based on four key principles: choice, equivalence, reusability, and accessibility. A key feature of HyFlex is that students can change among delivery modes frequently, based on their personal circumstances. Unlike traditional “online” asynchronous classes, a HyFlex class can keep all students at the same pace. In a HyFlex course, students can choose between face-to-face, synchronous virtual, and asynchronous delivery modes on an ongoing basis. Each mode provides students with a distinct and equivalent learning experience.

If you are interested in being selected to teach a HyFlex class in spring 2023 and are willing to join the pilot and research project, please complete this form and select the “HyFlex” option. We will follow up with you by mid December if you are selected.

To read more about the Principles and goals of Hyflex at Marshall please read this draft document: Hyflex Courses at Marshall – Principles and Goals Draft (As of 11/29/2022)

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