Independent Proctoring Options

Student Verification Statement

Federal law requires that universities verify the identity of students when course materials and/or course assessment activities are conducted either partially or entirely online. A student’s MUNet login and password are intended to provide the student with secure access to course materials and are also intended to help the university meet this federal mandate.

Some Marshall University faculty may also require the use of a proctor for exams in distance-delivered (Internet) courses and this requirement provides a second level of student identify verification. An instructor who uses web conferencing technology may require students to use a webcam during exams and check in using Blackboard Collaborate Virtual Classroom as another means of student identity verification. An instructor may also choose to use an online proctoring solution as a means of both student identity verification and as ensuring academic integrity.

These methods are at the discretion of the individual faculty member of record; however, MUOnLine strongly urges all online faculty to use one or more methods of student identification. The most common method is requiring a proctor or online proctoring solution for major exams or assessments.


  • Students who are taking online courses who need exam proctors must make arrangements with an individual who meets the criteria of the proctoring policy prior to taking an online assessment that requires a proctor.
  • University faculty and staff will carefully evaluate the proposed proctor’s credentials, to ensure that there are no conflicts of interest in the selection of a particular proctor. He or she will communicate with the proctor prior to an assessment to provide passwords if they choose to enable this feature in MUOnLine.
  • Students should bring appropriate identification (one photo ID card, at a minimum) with them to a proctored exam, so that the proctor can verify the student’s identity prior to the exam.
  • At the conclusion of a proctored online assignment or assessment, the proctor forms must be faxed, emailed, mailed, or sent electronically via PDF to the faculty member of record.


Acceptable Proctors

A general Examination Proctor Agreement Application is required prior to the exam date. A student’s family member cannot serve as a proctor. Acceptable proctors may include but are not limited to:

  • A full-time member of the teaching faculty or an educational administrator at the host institution;
  • A high school superintendent, supervising principal, principal, or unit administrator in a K-12 school environment;
  • A member of the teaching faculty or an educational administrator of any regionally accredited institution of higher education near the students’ residence;
  • A school, public, or academic librarian;
  • Personnel of the Armed Forces, any commissioned officer of higher rank;
  • An instructor or trainer of a third-party or credit-free course in an industrial setting;
  • An employee’s immediate supervisor, foreman, manager, or company educational manager;
  • For a supervised high school student enrolled in a dual-credit or Online College Course in the High Schools, any member of the K-12 administration or faculty are permissible; or
  • An individual who can verify that s/he does not have a conflict of interest or personal relationship with the student in question.

Students are required to secure a proctor in a timely fashion as per the instructor’s directives within his/her syllabus. Instructors must approve a proctor prior to the examination date and provide clear directions to the proctor regarding the exam environment.

Students needing a proctor on a Marshall University Campus should contact The Office of Disability Services.

For Online-Hybrid ONLY:

**Students who would like to schedule an exam with a proctor that is not on a Marshall University campus, please complete the Proctor Request Form to notify Marshall University of your proctoring arrangement.**

Submit at least 10 days before your exam date so we can verify the site and provide the appropriate exam information to that site.

Use this form ONLY if you are arranging an exam with a proctor other than Marshall University. If you are scheduling with a Marshall University campus, contact that campus to arrange for a date and time.

NOTE: NO paper-based exams will be faxed or emailed, only mailed using standard US mail service.


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