Celebration of the Constitution Week 2007

In compliance with language inserted by Senator Robert C. Byrd into a 2005 federal spending bill requiring educational institutions that receive federal funds to hold programs about the United States Constitution on or near the September 17th anniversary of the document’s signing, Marshall University held its Third annual “Celebration of the Constitution Week.” The program, running from September 17 to September 20, 2007 included a number of activities held on campus for the edification and entertainment of both the university population and the local community.
Events for the Celebration of the Constitution Week 2007
Constitution Week 2007Monday, September 17
10:00 a.m. Professor Jean Edward Smith Lecture
Topic: “FDR, Charles Evans Hughes, and the Struggle for Judicial Independence.”
Location: MSC Alumni LoungeTuesday, September 18
10:00 a.m. West Virginia Supreme Court in Session
Location: Joan C Edwards Playhouse11:00 a.m. Quoits -On Campus

Wednesday, September 19
10:00 a.m. Quoits on Campus

Thursday, September 20
11:00 a.m. John Marshall Birthday Cake Location: Student Center Plaza
Hosted by President Kopp

Noon “A Game of Quoits” Presidential Challenge Location:
Area near Student Center Plaza
Hosted by President Kopp