Major Events

Every year the John Deaver Drinko Academy hosts or sponsors many events. Of particular importance is the Celebration of Academics held each spring. The Celebration includes these important events:

  • The Drinko Fellow Symposium — This event provides a platform for the current year’s Drinko Fellow, a selected faculty member, to present the results of specific research to the university community.
  • The Elizabeth Gibson Drinko Honors Convocation — This event is the one time each year that the university collectively acknowledges its honor students.

We also host our annual Constitution Week events in the fall. These include:

  • Open Quoits Tournament — Students, faculty, and staff participate solo or in teams of two in a tournament involving Chief Justice John Marshall’s favorite game, quoits.
  • President’s Open Quoits Tournament — The winner(s) of the open quoits tournament get to face off against Marshall University’s own President Gilbert in an exciting final tournament. Winner gets bragging rights (and a nice trophy)!
  • Robert C. Byrd Forum on Civic Responsibility
  • John Marshall Birthday Cake Ceremony
  • Presidential Media Quoits Challenge
  • WV Supreme Court of Appeals on Campus


Upcoming Events

Constitution Week 2018 is scheduled for September 10-24 and includes the Annual Presidential Quoits Tournament, the Robert C. Byrd Forum on Civic Responsibility,  and the John Marshall Birthday Cake Celebration.



Past Events

An Evening With John Marshall

An Evening With George Washington

Constitution Week 2015

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Constitution Week 2013 (Quoits) and Constitution Week 2013 (Birthday Celebration)

Constitution Week 2012

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Constitution Week 2007

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Drinko Distinguished Visiting Lectures

Elizabeth Gibson Drinko Honors Convocation

John Deaver Drinko – Philanthropist of the Year

John Marshall Bicentennial Celebration, 2001

John Marshall Research Center Planning Conference

John Marshall Statue Dedication

Remembering Sampson Sanders

Robert C. Byrd Forum on Civic Responsibility 2011

The John Marshall Dinner 2016  (Download)

The John Marshall Dinner 2015

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The Drinko Fellow Luncheon 2016

The Drinko Fellow Luncheon 2016 – Photos

The Drinko Fellow Symposium 2012

The Drinko Fellow Symposium 2012 – Photos

The Drinko Fellow Symposium 2017 – Photos

The John Marshall Documentary Film

The John Marshall Fife and Drum Corps

West Virginia Supreme Court on Campus 2014

Year of the Book Lecture Series