Distinguished Professors

An important part of the Academy comes in the form of the John Deaver Drinko Distinguished visiting Professors Program.

Each Drinko professor is recruited on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Distinction as a scholar and teacher in his or her particular field;
  • Concern, as a scholar and teacher, with broad and important intellectual issues involving American civic culture and politics, whose work will be of interest to people in a wide variety of disciplines;
  • An outstanding record as an undergraduate teacher;
  • The desire and ability to be an institutional leader and to work with faculty from across the university; and
  • A commitment to the values of an interactive university, and a willingness to address community audiences as well as university students in their writing and teaching.

Drinko Distinguished Professors


Professor Carlos Bozzoli
University of Buenos Aries, Architecture
Spring 2002 & 2003
Professor Lewis Nkosi
Republic of South Africa, Theater
Spring 1996
Dr. George McGovern
Middle East Policy Council, Political Science
Fall 1996
Professor Yongxin Song
University of Bejing, Business/Economics
Fall 1995
Dr. Grinor Rojo
University of Santiago, Modern Languages
Fall 1995
Dr. Maurice Harmon
University College Dublin, English
Fall 1992
Dr. Trevor Wilson
University of Adelaide, History
Fall 1991
Dr. Harm de Blij
Michigan State University, Geography
Fall 1989
Dr. Norman Graebner
University of Virginia, History
Spring 1987


Drinko Adjunct Professors


Mr. David Todd – Business and Government Relations
Seminar in cross listed Departments of Economics, Management and Political Science
Fall 1996
Governor Cecil H. Underwood– West Virginia State Government Seminar in Political Science Fall 1995