Scholars and Lecturers

Drinko Distinguished Scholars


Dr. Carl P. Burrows Carter G. Woodson Professor of Journalism 1996-1998
Dr. Jean Edward Smith
John Marshall Professor of Political Science
Governor Cecil H. Underwood
The Underwood Institute, Marshall University Graduate College


Drinko Distinguished Visiting Lecturers


Professor Jean Edward Smith
“History Misconstrued: Marshall, Grant and Eisenhower”
Fall 2013
Joan Browning
“Oh, the Places That Freedom Riding Takes Me”
Fall 2012
Staci Provezis
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Spring 2012
Judge Gordon Martin
“Count Them One By One: Black Mississippians Fighting for the Right to Vote”
Fall 2011
Joe Johns
Spring 2011
Dr. Lynn Margulis – University of Massachusetts – Amherst
“Symbiogenesis: A New Principle of Evolution”
Fall 2010
David Wiley – Brigham Young University
“A Permanent State of Transition”
Spring 2010
Brad Smith – CEO, Intuit, Inc.
“Authentic Leadership in a Changing World”
Spring 2009
Julia Keller – Pulitzer Prize Winner – Chicago Tribune
“The Meaning of Home: How Origins Shape Our Thinking”
Spring 2008
Dr. James Garbarino – Loyola University Chicago
“Origins of Aggression and Violence in Boys and Girls”
Spring 2007
EO Wilson – Professor, Emeritus, Harvard University
“The Future of Life”
Spring 2006
Noah Adams – NPR News
“Far Appalachia”
Spring 2005
Jane Alexander – Emmy-winning Actress
“Arts and Minds”
Spring 2004
Dr. Meave Leakey – Paleoanthropologist
“My Life in Science: An Evening with Meave Leakey”
Spring 2003
Dr. Grinor Rojo – University of Santiago
“Post Colonialism and National Identity”
“Globalization and Identity in Latin America”
“Literary Theory and Criticism”
Fall 2003
Fall 1999
Spring 1997
Homer Hickam, Jr. – Author
“Beyond Coalwood”
Spring 2002
Dr. James M. McPherson – Princeton University
“Origins of the Civil War”
Fall 2001
David Halberstam – Pulitzer Prize-Winning Author
“The Culture of Celebrity”
Spring 2001
Dr. J. Wade Gilley – Former Marshall University President
“The Merit of Excellence”
Spring 2000
Dr. Harm de Blij – Michigan State University
“Political Geography”
Fall 1998 & Spring 1999
Dr. Leon H. Sullivan – “The Civil Rights Movement” Fall 1998
Dr. Joseph Blotner – University of Virginia
“Robert Penn Warren”
Spring 1998
Mr. Lee Maynard
Fall 1996
Mr. Tony Brown
Keynote Address, W.Va. Black History Conference
Fall 1996
Professor Lewis Nkosi
Dramatic Performance, “The Black Psychologist”
Spring 1996
The Hon. Robert C. Chambers and The Hon. Vern Riffe
“The New Federalism and Its Impact on the Several States”
Fall 1995
Dr. Lonnie G. Thompson – The Ohio State University
“Glaciological Studies”
Spring 1995
Dr. Ellen Mosley-Thompson – The Ohio State University
“Glaciological Studies”
Spring 1995
Dr. Anna Garlicka – University of Warsaw
“The Balkans”
Spring 1994
Dr. Lech Garlicka – University of Warsaw
“Polish Constitutional Law”
Spring 1994
Dr. James M. Buchanan – George Mason University
“Economic and Political Decision Making”
Fall 1994
Dr. C. Anthony Broh – Princeton University
“American Voting Patterns”
Fall 1993