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Make sure you understand and follow all rules. This is the only test we accept for the placement. If you are not able to receive certified results, you will be placed into Foundational Level.

Download the test information and step by step instructions in MS Word format to help you follow the steps.

Level Placement Test Step by Step Instructions

Your advisor will contact you via email when it is time to make a course scheduling advising appointment. The email will contain instructions on how and when to schedule your appointment with them. You should have an appointment with your advisor at least four times per semester. You can have more than four but your goal should be to have at least four. At your appointment you should come prepared to discuss your current classes, campus resources, maintaining status and attendance and applying to undergraduate and graduate school.

You can contact your advisor any time for the following reasons:
Questions about your classes or scheduleQuestions about progression requirementsQuestions about college majorsQuestions about campus resourcesFeeling confused about being prepared for midterm exams or final exams.Withdrawing from classesIf you do not know where to go on campus with any class or personal issue you are having

Remember: When you are emailing your advisor, you should do so from your Marshall account and it should include your name, MUID, and reason for your appointment. Your advisor will reply to you on the same email account as soon as possible.

Academic Director
EH 135
Graduate Pathway Program Manager
EH 139
English Language Program Manager
EH 133
Excused Absence Request Form

Students can request transcript, certificate of completion or progress report from the Program Manager as needed. Download the request form, mail the form to Program Manager, and allow at least 3 business days to process the request. ELI offers electronic or paper records. Electronic copy will be emailed to Marshall email address with password protected. Paper copy can be mailed to addresses outside of the United States. Nevertheless, students are responsible for the mailing cost. Contact the Program Manager for more information regarding the process of mailing to addresses outside of the United States.

To get the insurance ID card, students can go to this website: Then click on the widget “Get Your ID Card.” Enter student ID number and date of birth in order to access the card. Students can download their cards electronically by registering and accessing the website. It is strongly recommended to download the Aetna Health app to view the ID card on a mobile device.

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