World Cultures Outreach

Mission: To provide opportunities to learn world cultures and languages to young children in West Virginia areas.

Our success events:

  • Small Class to Big World for Village of Barboursville Elementary School  We offered 5 languages (Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Arabic, and Urdu to VOBE students). Children learned how to count 1-11 and how to write their names in 5 different languages. They formed simple (and silly) sentences. They experienced snacks. They simply had so much fun!
  • Ebenezer Community Outreach Kids, age of 5-12 years old, enjoyed learning Thai, Japanese, and Arabic. They asked many questions and learned so many new things from our instructors. At the end of the last day, kids kept asking us to come back! We hope to have a chance to meet them again.
  • Christmas Around the World studies with the 5th grade class at Genoa Elementary School on December 14, 2021. Kids learn how the same day is celebrated differently in Thailand, Morocco, and Japan.

If you are interested to request a class for your children, fill out the Request Form.



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