Beth Wolfe Reading to Students

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Katherine Oxley Reading

Hosted by Marshall University’s June Harless Center, the Early Learning Technical Assistance Center offers high-quality professional learning and support related to the P-5 West Virginia College- and Career- Readiness Standards.

The West Virginia Department of Education’s Early Learning Technical Assistance Center (ELTAC) exists to ensure a unified commitment to excellence and equity in P-5 education.


It is our vision that West Virginia educators will feel prepared to meet the literacy needs of the children within their schools.


 The ELTAC strives to be a platform upon which educators across the state of West Virginia can stand in order to elevate their educational practices to improve reading and writing achievement for all children as they progress through P-5 education.


When school communities can deliver high-quality, standards-aligned instruction and support, children will be better prepared to succeed in school and eventually graduate prepared for college, a career, and active citizenship.


The ELTAC is established to provide high-quality professional learning, research, and other resources to communities that serve children through grade five across the state of West Virginia.