M.S.E.E Degree Requirement

Core Courses (12 CR):

All graduate students in the MSEE program are required to complete four required core courses:

  1. EE-606 Electrical Engineering Analysis
  2. EE-602 Random Signals and Noise
  3. EE-607 Adv. Electrical Engineering Analysis
  4. EE-608 Research Methods (another 600-level EE course approved by the advisor and department head can be substituted for the coursework-only option).

 Focus Courses (9 CR):

All graduate students in the MSEE program must develop a graduate focus area of study, with prior approval from their adviser and the department head. The focus area should consist of at least 9 CR of graduate study in electrical and computer engineering (EE 600 or higher) and be related to the student’s technical and professional development interests. Examples of focus areas include power, signal processing, control and embedded systems, communications, and integrated systems, computer architecture, computer vision and machine intelligence, and network and security


Elective Course (3 – 12 CR):

Graduate students pursuing the Thesis Option must complete a minimum of 3 CR of elective courses.  Graduate students pursuing the Design Project Option must complete a minimum of 6 CR of elective courses.  Graduate students pursuing the Coursework Only Option must complete a minimum of 12 CR of elective courses. The elective courses must be approved by the advisor.


Comprehensive Assessment (3-6 CR)

Thesis Option (6 CR):  Prior to completing 12 semester credit hours of graduate work, students should prepare and present a formal thesis proposal to their faculty advisor. An acceptable proposal (including a statement of work, extensive literature search, and proposed timeline), signed by the student and approved by their faculty advisor and department head, is required prior to registering for thesis credits. Students must form a graduate thesis committee in coordination with their advisor and present their proposal to their committee for review and approval during the first semester in which they have registered for thesis credit. Students are required to deliver a successful written and oral presentation of their thesis 

Coursework Only Option (NC):   The Master of Science degree may be completed without the preparation of a formal research thesis or report. Instead, a student may be permitted to enrol in a no thesis/no report (coursework only) program which involves additional course work.  The student must complete at least thirty-three graduate credits of approved courses. During the first semester of the MS program; the student should select an advisor.  Each student will have an individual Program of Courses approved by the student’s assigned advisor and the division’s chair by the end of the first semester of the program. For this option only, the student must satisfactorily complete the comprehensive examination prior to graduation.

Plan of Study

Students are required to complete a Plan of Study form in consultation with their academic advisors by the end of first semester in the program.

Approved Elective Courses

Any ME (Mechanical Engineering) course approved in advance by the student’s advisor

Any EM (Engineering Management) course approved in advance by the student’s advisor

Any ENGR (Engineering) course approved in advance by the student’s advisor

Any CS (Computer Science) course approved in advance by the student’s advisor


Summary of Courses in MSEE Degree

New Courses (proposals submitted concurrently)

The following course additions have been submitted to the Graduate Council for Approval:

  1. EE 602 Random Signals & Noise
  2. EE 606 Electrical Engineering Analysis
  3. EE 607 Advanced Electrical Engineering Analysis
  4. EE 608 Research Methods
  5. EE 611 Digital Design
  6. EE 615 Real Time Systems
  7. EE 618 Data and Communication Networks
  8. EE 624 Wireless Communications
  9. EE 630 Robust Control
  10. EE 631 Optimal Control
  11. EE 636 Power Systems Operation
  12. EE 638 Nonlinear Systems and Control
  13. EE 639 Distributed Power Systems
  14. EE 650-653 Special Topics
  15. EE 685-688 Independent Study
  16. EE 699 Thesis