M.S.E.E. Master in Electrical & Computer Engineering

Brief Description of our Master Program in Electrical and Computer Engineering 

The Master’s of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering degree (MSEE) is developed by   the Weisberg Division of Engineering at the College of Information Technology and Engineering (CITE) to graduate electrical and computer engineers for meeting West Virginia’s increasing technological demands. Graduates with this Degree will contribute to West Virginia’s economic development, advance its competitive edge globally and contribute to improvement in the quality of life.

A master’s degree in electrical and computer engineering (MSEE) provides additional breadth and depth of knowledge, positioning graduates for technical leadership and specialization in industry. Candidates develop skills such as analysis, resourcefulness, ingenuity, responsibility and perseverance through research activities. The proposed MSEE will significantly increase graduate students’ enrollment at Marshall University from local, national and international sources.  The INTO program recruiters in China and India have indicated that they can recruit large number of students to study MSEE at Marshall University once the program is in place. The MSEE will enable the introduction of an Accelerated Master’s Degree (AMD or 4+1) program in BSEE. AMD allows outstanding undergraduate students to complete a traditional four-year Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering and then, with one additional year, earn a Master’s degree. AMD will help attract more highly motivated undergraduate students to Marshall University. MSEE degree program is essential to attract and retain qualified faculty members in EE. Also, research is an integral part of a faculty member’s career to stay abreast in a rapidly evolving field such as EE. MSEE program is critical to helping faculty members stay current and also contributes to keeping the BSEE program current and relevant.

This proposed MSEE program is to be established on the foundation of the currently under-review BSEE program.  Therefore, both programs are to share the same resources. The program will cost approximately $1.12 million during its first five years, of which about $150,000 will be used to develop needed laboratories. The program is expected to generate $1.85-2.49 million in revenues during the first five years. Enrollment is expected to increase over this period; it is expected that, after the first five years, 35 students will have graduated with a MSEE degree and approximately 46 students will be actively pursuing a MSEE degree at MU.