Your Enrollment Deposit Reserves Your Spot at Marshall U

If you’ve applied and been accepted to Marshall University, you’ve probably received a request to submit your enrollment deposit. So, just what is an enrollment deposit? And what happens after you pay it?

The short answer: The enrollment deposit is your final step in the college application process. After all that work you’ve done researching colleges, completing applications, and waiting on acceptance decisions, your deposit confirms your spot at the college of your choice. (In this case, Marshall U!)

While it might not always seem like it, the college admissions process is a two-way street. If you’ve been accepted into a college or university, submitting an enrollment deposit is your way of letting the school know that you’re accepting them! Like on an airplane, there are a limited number of seats available in next year’s class. When you pay your deposit, it lets us know you want to reserve your seat – and most colleges and universities require it. Without it, we don’t know to expect you!

Your Deposit, Your Investment

At Marshall University, we know you’re weighing a lot of considerations in your school choice. We also know there’s a big investment involved, and some students freeze at the very moment it’s crucial to move forward. There’s a lot riding on this decision. An affordable enrollment deposit makes it easier to take that next step. If you’ve been accepted to Marshall, your enrollment deposit is only $100, and the funds are applied toward your first semester tuition bill. (Are you ready to commit? You can do that here!)

So what happens after you make the deposit? You’ll get to apply for campus housing and register for orientation. (More on that below.) But just as importantly, you’ll know the application process is complete and your spot is secure. After all you’ve accomplished – from passing your SATs to completing college apps – you’re going to college, and you’re going to Marshall U!

Housing and New Student Orientation

If you plan to live on campus at Marshall, your enrollment deposit opens the door to campus housing – and the earlier you submit your deposit, the sooner your housing preferences can be considered. Of course, wherever you choose to live on campus, you’ve got great options: Marshall’s first-year residence halls come equipped with recreation lounges, classrooms, a learning center, and even a theater room! Then there are the living-learning communities, which are designed for students with similar interests to live together. (Read more about campus housing.)

Things get real with New Student Orientation. After you submit your deposit, you’ll be able to register for one of the two-day orientation sessions that take place on campus over the summer. That’s when you’ll get to meet with your advisor, register for classes, and meet future classmates for the first time (!). Orientation is also your introduction to all the amazing (and free!) resources available to you at Marshall, like peer tutoring and academic advising.

Marshall Swag

Since your enrollment deposit serves as your commitment to Marshall, we think you deserve some swag for taking that final step. After you submit your deposit, you can order your very own #oneoftheherd t-shirt and show off your Marshall pride.

As one of the Sons and Daughters of Marshall University, you’ve got a lot to look forward to: a world-class education in a welcoming community of dedicated students and faculty. Are you ready to make it official? Submit your enrollment deposit and secure your spot. Then share the news that you’re #oneoftheherd!