This form is intended to be filled out by users in one of two groups: (1) users who already have an account in the Marshall domain and have just become an employee of Marshall University; (2) new employees of one of our business affiliates (Rec Center, INTO, Sodexho, Follett, etc.), whether they already have an account or not. If you are a new employee of Marshall University and don't already have an MUNet account, a completely different process is required to create an Exchange mailbox, and it usually happens automatically. If you think your account should have been created and it hasn't been, please contact the IT Service Desk and explain your situation so they can create a support ticket and make sure the right people get involved.

When you submit this form, a Footprints ticket will be created automatically with your personal email address listed as the contact address. Updates to the ticket will be sent to that address. We will migrate your Office365 mailbox to on-prem mail servers. Your username will be changed to user@marshall.edu and you will access you mail at https://outlookweb.marshall.edu/owa. All other Office 365 services are still available to you at https://portal.office.com.




MUID Number
Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy)
MUNet Username
Office Phone Number
Personal Email (NOT Marshall Related)
Building/Office Room Number

I have read and accept the complete responsibility and liability for willful or negligent misuse of my account under Marshall University Policies related to Computer Acceptable Use and have read the Acceptable Use Policy located on the MU Board of Governors website, Policy No. IT-1