Terry Fenger, PhD

Contact: fenger@marshall.edu | 304-691-8960

Dr. Terry FengerOffice: MUFSC W200C

Courses Taught: FSC 606, 610, 632, 634, 650, 660

Dr. Terry W. Fenger has served as the Director of the Forensic Science Center since 1994 and oversees the nationally accredited (FEPAC) Forensic Science Master of Science Degree Program, the DNA testing laboratory and the Digital Forensics section. Dr. Fenger received his PhD in Microbiology from Southern Illinois University and then conducted postdoctoral research at LSU Medical Center in New Orleans. In addition to administrative responsibilities Dr Fenger serves as an instructor in various courses including DNA technologies, Digital Forensics, bioterrorism, crime scene investigation and laboratory management. His research interests include determining the impact of DNA testing of property crime evidence on case resolution, DNA analysis of medical device implants and other related projects. Dr. Fenger has served on numerous national, state and university committees and presents project updates and reports at national meetings.

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