DFIA Registration Information

IST Course Substitutions

Starting in Spring 2017, many courses that were previously designated with “IST” will be replaced by similar courses with new course identifiers. These changes are necessary to better align the courses following the reorganization of the College of Science. The courses relevant to Digital Forensics & Information Assurance students that have been affected by the change are listed below. Each new course is listed beside the old course it replaces.

IST 130: Analytical Methods Stats NRRM 200: Analytical Methods Stats
IST 163: Programming Practicum CIT 163: Introduction to Programming: C++
IST 261: Introduction to Linux DFIA 261: Introduction to Linux
IST 263: Web Programming CIT 263: Web Programming I
IST 362: Network Protocols CIT 352: Network Protocols & Administration
IST 365: Database Management CIT 365: Database Management
IST 447: Applied Digital Evidence & E-Disc DFIA 460: Applied Digital Evidence
IST 448: Forensic Uses / Digital Images DFIA 448: Forensic Images & Video Analysis
IST 449: Digital Forensics Investigation DFIA 400: Data Recovery & Analysis
IST 454: Network Defense DFIA 454: Network Defense
IST 457: Network Penetration & Attack DFIA 357: Network Penetration & Attack
IST 461: Cyber Warfare DFIA 461: Cyber Warfare
IST 462: Network Forensics DFIA 462: Network Forensics
IST 463: Digital Forensics Practicum DFIA 440: Digital Evidence
IST 464: Network Security & Cybercrime DFIA 464: Network Security & Cybercrime
IST 467: Mobile Device Forensics DFIA 467: Mobile Device Forensics
IST 490: Senior Project I DFIA 490: Senior Project I
IST 491: Senior Project II DFIA 491: Senior Research

New DFIA Courses

New courses have been established to support the Digital Forensics & Information Assurance program. The following courses will be offered starting in Spring 2017. Please note that courses, including these new courses, are not necessarily offered every semester.

New major requirement
DFIA 305: Open Source Intelligence

New electives
DFIA 420: Incident Response
DFIA 430: Exploit Development
DFIA 445: Mobile & Web Pen Testing