Daughter establishes Nora M. Bjornson Scholarship in honor of her mother

Nora Bjornson has been honored with a new Marshall University scholarship in her name by her daughter, Gerrie Bjornson.

May 12, 2017

Marshall University alumna Gerrie Bjornson has established the Nora M. Bjornson Scholarship at the Marshall University Foundation Inc. in honor of her mother.

The scholarship benefits Marshall students who are West Virginia residents and who are enrolled in the Lewis College of Business. It will be awarded yearly to a full-time undergraduate.

“She was a strong woman and a woman of integrity,” Gerrie Bjornson said of her mother. “She stressed the importance of education to her family. In addition, many Marshall students were the recipients of her warmth and support over the years. She would be honored to know she continues to touch students’ lives with this scholarship.”

“Many students at this point are unclear about their true motivations and directions in life,” Gerrie Bjornson said. “College is a great time to explore and find answers … I would encourage students to be involved in campus activities, to make friends who are different than they are, to take electives that are outside their fields of study and to travel abroad, if possible. Students should make time for professional clubs and internships, participate in events and activities hosted by the school, become a part of student government and take advantage of the cultural opportunities offered … It is difficult to grow as a person if you never leave your comfort zone.”

“All of us receive support from various sources as we pursue our education and set out on our careers,” Bjornson said. “Not only is it our social responsibility, but it is a real privilege to be able to repay that support in kind, by helping to provide for the generations behind us.”

For questions about a student’s eligibility for the Nora M. Bjornson Scholarship, please contact the dean’s office of the Lewis College of Business. For questions about starting a scholarship at Marshall University, please contact Krystle Davis at the Marshall University Foundation by phone at 304-696-6781 or by e-mail at nichols50@marshall.edu.