Foundation announces Max D. Lederer Scholarship

Photo: Max D. Lederer currently serves as board president for the Marshall University Alumni Association. In October 2017, a scholarship was established in his name to support undergraduate and graduate students wishing to attend Marshall University.

December 15, 2017

The Marshall University Foundation Inc. has announced the Max D. Lederer Scholarship to benefit full-time undergraduate and graduate students.

Lederer, a 1982 graduate of the university’s political science program, currently serves as board president for the Marshall University Alumni Association. He said he decided to establish this scholarship because it is important that those who have had the benefit of attending Marshall University contribute, so that others have the same chance to succeed.

“Education is a foundation of a healthy and productive society,” Lederer said. “I was fortunate to obtain a good education, with help from others, at Marshall University. Marshall, as an institution, has continued to advance and is a great opportunity for an individual to build a solid foundation to a great career.”

After completing his bachelor’s degree in political science, Lederer completed law school and began a career with the United States military, providing advice on the law of war while in combat during operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm and prosecuting military personnel accused of treason and desertion. He then spent a few years providing legal counsel for the Stars and Stripes media organization, eventually becoming publisher. Throughout his career, he has traveled the world and has even received a Bronze Star for his service in Desert Shield and Desert Storm.

When asked what advice he would give to today’s students, Lederer said it’s as easy as taking advantage of the opportunities they are provided.

“Stay focused on your goals and strive for them. Use obstacles and challenges as an opportunity to excel by learning from them. Reach out to those who studied and entered the work force and use them as a resource.”

For questions about a student’s eligibility for the Max D. Lederer Scholarship, please contact the Office of Student Financial Aid at Marshall University. For questions about starting a scholarship at Marshall, please contact Krystle Davis at the Marshall University Foundation by phone at 304-696-6781 or by e-mail at