Scholarship Honor Brunch 2021

Typically, this page would be an invitation for you to join us for the annual Scholarship Honor Brunch, but this, of course, has not been a typical year. We were not able to have our brunch last spring, and, unfortunately, we will not be holding it, again, this spring. We know the past year has been full of postponements, cancellations and virtual reality versions of events and we want you to know that it weighs heavily on us to be one more in that list of disappointments.

Below you will find donor questions. We would love for you to complete the questionnaire and return it to so that we can share your answers with student recipients so that they can get to know the individuals, families and organizations that made their scholarship possible. Also, we invite you to make your own brunch by following the recipes below.

Donor Questions

Brunch Recipes

Meet Juan, Abigail and Richard, three students who are ascending on their academic journey because of the gift of scholarships.









Find a video of gratitude from Marshall University scholarship student recipients here. We are thankful for the encouragement and support of your scholarship and the many ways you are helping our students rise!