Ellen Castro

Some people never question where they will attend college, Ellen Castro is one of them. Being home schooled in Lesage, West Virginia, from primary through high school, she received her GED and moved to Phoenix, Arizona. She soon realized that she needed to begin her college education and knew she had to get back to Marshall.

“Being raised in a small town, I appreciate and value the sense of family and closeness that Marshall embodies as a University,” Ellen explained.

Obtaining her Bachelor of Business Administration in marketing and a minor in women’s studies, Ellen then received her Master of Business Administration with a management emphasis. As a recipient of a scholarship that almost entirely covered the cost of undergraduate tuition, when Ellen was offered a position at the Marshall University Foundation as a director of philanthropy, she knew this was one way she could pay it forward.

“When I found out about my scholarship, I told my mom that someday, I was going to provide a scholarship to a student. Now, I have the privilege of working at the Foundation to create invaluable relationships with people who share the same passions as myself- Marshall University, making a difference for students and West Virginia.”

Ellen’s territory covers West Virginia, Georgia and South Carolina. She enjoys talking to people from many different paths of life and hopes Marshall continues to rise and expand in regards to curriculum, programs and facilities.

Now, a resident of Huntington, West Virginia. Ellen enjoys yoga, traveling and spending time with her friends and family.