Old Main Society

Old Main Society

Join With Other Supporters to Increase Your Impact

The Old Main Society was established to recognize those who have the foresight to provide for Marshall University’s future through a planned gift. If you feel strongly about our charitable work and would like to join with other supporters who share your values, we hope you’ll consider joining The Old Main Society.

If you have already made a planned gift to support Marshall University, please let us know so that we can properly thank you and welcome you into The Old Main Society. If you would like to request more information on planned giving, please use our online contact form.

Old Main Society Members

David B. Akers*

H. Pat* and Betty L. Albright

James M. & Marjorie Alexander

E. Ann Allen*

Gary M. and S. Rosalie Ambler

Robert F. and Patricia A. Anderson

B. “Bart”* and Doris A. Andrews

Richard L. and Marilyn S. Ardisson

Thomas Arkle, III

George M. and Sue F. Arnold

Phyllis and Jim Arnold

Richard F.* and Patricia J. Arthur

John and Robin Ashford

John M. Atkins

Franklin D. Austin

Daniel P. Babb*

William B. and Marga L. Bales

Carlos R.* and Virginia M* Ballard

Jeffrey D. and Mica F. Bane

Roger A. Bare

C. Robert and Lysbeth A. Barnett

Edgar O.* and Betty H. Barrett

James E.* and Kay A. Barton

Lou Gene Bartram

Douglas* and Carol Bassitt

Barbara E. Bell

David and Ruth Bell

Thomas O. Bergquist

Craig A. and Sheila T. Bias

George Blankenship*

Jack T. and Mary M. Blevins, Sr.

Jan J. and Mary L. Blumer

Barbara S. Boggess

W. Blaker and Julia D. Bolling

Alexander D.* and Rosemarie Bonnington

Barnett N. and Carol Bookatz

Terry L. and Ginger P. Booton

Gary F. Bostic*

Wesley J. and Brenda K. Brammer

George “Bob” R. and Sylvia E. Brammer*

Rod* and Irene* Brand

C. Anthony Broh and Jennifer Hochschild

Charles M. Broh*

Jonathan A. and Nancy M. Broh

Fred* and Paula B. Brothers

Bob S. Brown

Bruce J. and Susan C. Brown

Randall A. and Vanessa L. R. Bryan

Timothy K. and Trudy J. Bucey

Timothy R. Burcham

RoseAnn E. Burgess

Jo Sue Burkhart

Ruth Elizabeth Butler*

James L. Call*

Timmy J.* and Barbara V. Campbell

Michael G. and Judith F. Campbell

Louis A. Capaldini

Charles W. and Norma C. Carroll

Walter F. and Elizabeth H. Carter

Theopolis Carter

Joe D. and Linda M. Chafin

William E. and Joann M. Chambers

Judith L. Chambers

James E. and Patricia Chapman*

Steven B. and Linda M. Chapman

Mary W. Childers

Margaret S. Chorn*

Ezra H. Cochran

Ronald E. and Sandy F. Cohen

R. Craig* and Isabel E*. Cole

Elinor F. Copenhaver*

D. Lysa Craig

Lewis E. and Carol Sue Crum

Margaret B. Cyrus*

Sally O. Cyrus

Robert L. and Dianna L. Dardinger

Rosemary J. David*

Joseph C. and Sarah B. Dawson

Woodrow S. Dellinger*

William N. and Sarah N. Denman

Franklin A. DePolo*

Leonard and Judith Deutsch

Louis E. DeVaughn*

Jamelia A. Dickenson

William C. and Lois Dolin

John E. Dolin*

D. Michael Donathan

Weldon* and Lois Doran

Warren L. and Judith D. Dumke

R. Lawrence Dunworth*

Roger S. Dyer

Jack C.* and Judy S. Eblin

James F.* and Joan C.* Edwards

William Edwards

W. Dan and Debra F. Egnor

Carol A. Eiselstein

Hussein Elkhansa

Gary E. and Betty L. Ellis

Libby Eplin

Patricia P. Evans*

Prentiss L.*and  Diane R. Faulconer

Gordon K. Faulkner

Theron A.* and Mildred B. Ferrari

Josephine Fidler

Dorothy J. Fike

Cora S. Finley*

Robert E. and Susannah H. Fox

William M.* and Joyce Frazier

Bruce L. and Francie Freeman

Bernard R. and Patricia Z. Gebhart, II

Mary E. Gentry*

Michael W. and Elizabeth D. Gerber

Joseph M. and Pamela D. Gillette

David and Kathleen C. Gillmore

William J. and Gale Y. Given

Robert L. and Jane B.* Gough

Marnie L. Graley

Patricia Green

Charles M.* and Patricia S. Griner

Carol C. Grover

George H.* and Virginia L.* Gunnoe

Ralph R. and Terri L. Hagy

Geoffrey R. Hall

Glenn W. Hall*

Macs E. Hall

Nancy F. Hall*

Ray V. Haning

R. Nibert* and Marjorie S.* Hannan

Charles L. Harless

James H. “Buck” Harless*

James W.* and Harriet A. Harless

Donald Bray Harper*

Rinard Z.* and Margaret A.* Hart

William B.* and Ruth L. Harwood*

C. Donald and Sandra S.* Hatfield

Stephen P. and Marcia H. Hatten

Timothy L. and Sandy H. Haymaker

Robert L. and Dorothy C. Hazlett*

Charles B.* and Mary Jo Hedrick*

Thomas M. Hensley, Jr.

John G. and Jane Y. Hess

Dorothy E. Hicks

Martha J. Hill

Leslie A. Hissem

Gregory A. and Holly L. Hodge

Linda A. Hodges

Mary H. and J. Churchill* Hodges

Ernest Hogan*

Richard Honaker

Ronald H. and Lisa R. Hooser

David D. Horst

Jean C. and James C. Hosier

Terrence P. Houck

John H. Houvouras

Sally Hresan*

T. Les and Sharon R. Huff

Vivian Humphrey

Willard C. and Carolyn G. Hunter

Ronald G. and Nancy H. Hurley

Wilburn L.* and Maxine S.* Hurst

James C. Hylton

Robert C. and Kathy L. Jackson

Richard “Dick” Delyn Jackson

Philip M.* and Betty C. James

C. Bosworth* and Dorothy J.* Johnson

Paul F. and Thelma T. Johnson

Randolph F. and Susan K. Johnson, Jr.

J. Patrick and Cynthia D. Jones

Sheldon L. Jones*

Drew T. & Bridget Kagan

Harold N.* and Freda D*. Kagan

Tanzer H. and Linda Kalayci

Calvin A. an Nita S. Kent

Arthur B. and Helen S. Keyser

John K.* and Betty Sue Kinzer, Jr.

David and Mary A. Kirk

Virginia L. Kirkwood

Martha B. Knisley

Lindsay L. and Bonnie L. Lapole, III

Thomas F. and Sally M. Lemke

Frederich L.* and Kathleen E. Lotspeich

George Mabry

Sarah F. MacLeod

Shahin D. Mafi

Edward H. and Susan R. Maier

Katrina R. Mailloux

Ashok K. Malhotra

Jerrold M. Marshall*

Paul J. and Lynne S. Mayer

Lisa A. Mazzei

Robert F*. and Agnes G. McCaskey

M. Ann McClure

Ann McClure

Donald L. McCorkle*

Joseph K. and Karen P. McDonie

Richard D. and Gail A.* McGrath

Kyle G.* and Ava C. McMullen

Sandra G. McGovern

John H.* and Joan T. Mead

David L. Meade

Christine M. Michael

David and Cynthia Mick

Glen A. Midkiff

Larry E. Milam

Theodore A. Milby

Gunnar and Betsy Miller

Melba J. Miller

Richard C. Mitchell, III*

James M.* and Carol V. Montgomery

Linda S. Morgan

Mark A. Morgan

Roy M. Morris*

Laura L. Moul

Diane W. and Maurice A. Mufson

Paul A. and Pamela L. Mulder

Anne K. Mullarky*

Randall K. Mullins

Terrence V. Murphy

Janice S. Mustian

Terry L. and Connie L. Myers

Susan P. Neely

Keith M. Niles

Anne B. Noe

Robert D. Olson

Ted R.* and Joline N. Osborn

David B. Osborne

Janet F. Oswald*

Ann Louise Page*

John E. and Deborah J. Pauley

Linda S. Peake

Louis A. Peake

John D. and Peggy J. Perrow

Laura and Audy M. Perry

A. Michael* and Henriella M. Perry

Charles E. and Ava W. Peters, Jr.

Shelba G. Pew*

Robert L. Piltz*

Virginia D. Plumley

Thomas and Judith L. Plummer

Lake and Louise R.* Polan

Marilyn Polan

Dennis R. Price

William C. and Brenda H. Price

J. Robert* and Geraldine A. Pritchard

Robert* and Geraldine A.* Pritchard

Ruth A. Pryor

Martilu Puthoff*

Marilyn R. Putz*

Judith O. and William K. Pyles

Michael L. Queen

Phoebe M. and Phineas M. Randall, Jr.

Hugh B.* and Carolyn Rardin

Kathleen R. Reedy

Martha L. Reese

Thomas A. Reidmiller

Clifford J. Reuschlein*

Enolia M. Rhodes*

Jose I.* and Amelia B. Ricard

Casey J. and Tammy L. Robinson

Tully S. and Brandon B. Roisman

Jacob N. Roman

Jack P.* and Bettie J.* Rosenham

James Rothgeb

Everett N. Roush

James “Woody” Rutherford*

Julia A. Saad*

Julian and Jihad Saad

Frederick H. and Elizabeth C.* Sammons

Jeffrey S. Sandy

William E*. and Evelyn* Saunders

Patricia B. and Michael J. Sazy

Neal W. and JoAnn B.* Scaggs

Delia W. Schmedding

James J. Schneider

Dallas L. and Linda K. Selby

Charles R.* and Lorena P.* Shank

C. Fred Shewey*

Anne M. Shuff

Charles R. Shuff

Roger W. Simmons

Susie L. Skeens

Charles E. and Alma M. Slack

Diane L. Slaughter

Brad D. and Alys M. Smith

Jeffrey J. and Crystal D. Smith

Dora F. Smith*

Marshall L. Smith*

O. C. Spaulding*

Terry Spencer

William Guy and Lisa Spriggs

George and Elizabeth Sproles

Marc A.* and Susan J. Sprouse

David W. and Patricia E.* Stallings

Erland & Ellen Stevens

Hugh D. Stillman*

Roger and Martha* Stover

Bryan K. Summer

James P. and Lynda G. Summers

Gerald W. and Lenora L. Sutphin

Carrie P. Swing

Nancy L. Tarbis

Mitchell A. Tefft

Carol C. Thomas

Clark and Sally Todd

Joseph B. and Omayma T. Touma

Russell Troutman*

Jane J. Trowbridge*

Charles R. and Linda A. Tutwiler

Cheryl L. and Lawrence J. Tweel

John L.* and Donna M. Underwood

Joanne Van Horn

Dan* and Virginia U.* Wagoner

Frank J.* and Stella J.* Wawrynovic

Thelma W. Weber*

Arthur* and Joan Weisberg

Charles F. White*

John J. and Catherine H. White

Fred S. Wilkerson*

William E. and Joyce L.* Willis

Thomas R. and Mellanie B. Wilmink, II

Stephen Wisniewski

Robert D.* and Carol J. Wolff

Jan E. Wright

Lorie A. Wyant

Betty A. Yost

Gary R. Youmans

Isabelle D. Zacharias*

Stephen E. and Angela S. Zemba

Samuel W. Zygner, Sr.