Graduate Curriculum Forms-GC Forms

Graduate Council Forms

Before submitting forms to Graduate Council, please follow your college review requirements first.  Forms must be received by the first day of the month before the upcoming Graduate Council meeting for consideration at that meeting:

NOTE: To avoid any delay in consideration of your request, please be sure that someone from your program will be present at the Graduate Council meeting at which your request will be considered.  Council members often have questions and if you do not have someone from your program to answer them, the request could be tabled or rejected.

To find out when your proposal will be considered by Graduate Council click here: Pending Proposals

Form Number Form Name Additional Instructions
GC#1 Addition, Deletion, or Change of Area of Emphasis
GC#2 Addition, Deletion, or Change of Certificate  Policy on Graduate Certificates
GC#3 Intent to Plan–New Major or New Degree Must be submitted first if planning new major or degree.
GC#4 Addition, Deletion, or Change of Major or Degree If new major or degree, must submit GC#3 first.
GC#5 Addition, Deletion, or Change of Minor
GC#6 Course Addition If deleting courses, also submit GC#8.
GC#7 Course Change Changes in title, alpha designator, course number, catalog description, credit hours, content.
GC#8 Course Deletion
GC#9 Non-Curricula Changes Use for items not related to any of the above curricula changes such as changes in admission requirements or requirements for graduation, changes in or new policies/procedures, changes in program descriptions in catalog, general language changes in catalog.
GC#10 Accelerated Master’s Degree Proposal AMD Information