Graduate Curriculum Forms-Instructions

Graduate Curriculum Forms-Instructions


Types of requests:

  • Course Addition, Deletion, Change
  • Intent to Plan (required first if New Degree Program request)
  • Degree Program Addition, Deletion, Change
  • Minor Addition, Deletion, Change
  • Area of Emphasis Addition, Deletion, Change
  • Graduate Certificate Addition, Deletion, Change
  • Everything else


  1. Select the form that meets your needs and read carefully to determine what supporting documents may be required.
  2. Save the blank form using the “Save as” function.
  3. Open the form using Adobe Acrobat Pro.
  4. Complete all fields on the form using “None” or “N/A” in those fields that do not apply.
  5. Proofread the form carefully.
  6. Save the form by “printing” to ADOBE PDF.  Select Print and choose ADOBE PDF as the printer.)  This will save it in a format that will allow you to merge it with other PDF documents.
  7. Please name the merged file with an appropriate identifier so the Graduate Council can tell from the file name what your request is.
    NOTE: How to combine multiple PDF files into a single file:  you can do this with Adobe Acrobat Pro. Open Acrobat Pro, click on Create and select Merge files into a single PDF from dropdown menu.
  8. Print one copy of the completed form and supporting materials on white paper and obtain all required signatures on this paper copy.
  9. Send form as below:
  • Via campus mail the paper copy with required signatures to
    Tracy  Christofero, Chair of Graduate Council, Technology Management.


  • Use Change forms ONLY if the change is very minor—a corrected typo, a minor word change, etc. If the Change involves a substantial change– in title or description, for example—please use the Addition form to create a new course, area of emphasis, etc.
  • If you are proposing a new Degree Program, you must first submit an Intent to Plan form.
  • The only curriculum requests that must be approved by the Board of Governors are the Intent to Plan and the New Degree Program request.
  • A deleted course number may not be reused until 10 years after the deletion.
  • Changes in prerequisites do not require action by the Graduate Council.  If you wish to add, delete, change a course prerequisite email the request to the Registrar.
  • Moving a course to Inactive status (meaning you have not offered the course in the last 5 years), does not require Graduate Council action. Email the request with Chair and Dean approval to the Registrar. The course will be removed from your catalog listing of courses and can be reactivated by emailing the request with Chair and Dean approval to  the Registrar.


  • Graduate Council must receive requests the first day of the month before the next meeting in order to place the request on the agenda for that meeting.
  • Requests can be tabled, returned to the contact person with questions, or be recommended for approval to the University President (or Board of Governors if an Intent to Plan or New Degree program request).
  • When all approvals are obtained, all relevant Departments are notified.
  • Approved curricula change forms are sent to the Registrar (who inputs Banner codes for all new degree programs, minors, certificates, areas of emphasis and courses), and to the Graduate Catalog editor to update the catalog listing.
  • All original forms (paper copies) are archived in the Graduate College Office. Please call or email the office if you need a copy.