Effective Fall 2024 – All Graduate Planning and Curricular Requests must be made through CIM. Paper forms will NOT be accepted.

Who We Are

Marshall University is transitioning from paper requests to electronic requests through the CourseLeaf (CIM) system. The Graduate Council will continue to accept paper requests through the fall 2022 semester. The new CoursLeaf system will be beta tested starting in October by the COHP and then opened to other colleges in November 2022. Please look for further information as we work through this transition. It is anticipated that all requests starting in January 2023 will be submitted through the CourseLeaf system.

All paper requests must be sent to the Chair of the Graduate Council (Scott Davis by the 1st day of the month to be considered on that month’s agenda. Forms must be signed by all parties (e.g., Chair, College Curriculum Committee, Registrar, etc.) before submission. Please be sure that the effective date is at least the semester following the semester of the request.

When submitting paper or electronic request please do the following:

  • Submit one single document (pdf or hardcopy) with all relevant documents included.
  • Submit one document per request (e.g., do NOT scan multiple requests in one document).
  • It would be extremely helpful for the pdf to have text recognition enabled, such that the document is searchable and text can be copied and pasted into relevant email communications and committee reports.
  • Please be mindful of file size issues and avoid redundant or unnecessary information.